Casino chip cruise discovery

Casino chip cruise discovery rules of casino craps

The problem with some people's two cents worth is it is not worth a plugged nickel. I have played for over 30 years in many casinos,,Vegas ,Atl City,,cruise ships etc etc.

Condition of chips isn't important. Dealers would rather you win than lose. Casino chips Welcome to Cruise Critic! LOL -echo Pretty nice of them to let you play for less than the table minimum. In a real casino the computerized games ARE taking over - look at the floor space given to slots as compared to table games. I don't have a clue because I haven't experienced these "tactics" on my 20 cruises. Boy did I get dirty looks from all the people that had been playing!

Find great deals for Casino Gaming Chip From Discovery Cruise Lines Poker/obsolete. Shop with confidence on eBay! Find great deals on eBay for cruise ship casino chips and cruise ship casino tokens. Shop with VINTAGE SHIP DISCOVERY CRUISES 50 C CASINO CHIP. Please can anyone tell me if you can keep your casino chips to take on another criuse ship (p&o) or do you have to cash them in,thank you.


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